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Killer Oceans - The Cost of Fossil Fuels


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Introduction to Killer Oceans (Underconstruction)

Margaret Thatcher - What "Conservative" Means


Ocean Acidification

"You can argue about the amount of climate change or the weather, but you cannot argue about ocean acidification." Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

From space we see 7 continents dividing a Global Ocean into five killer oceans; at sea level, nations square off for the next world war over dwindling ocean resources and new acidic conditions.

What causes "killer oceans"?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) absorbed by ocean water changes to carbonic acid (H2CO3). Prove it to yourself. Blow into a straw placed in a glass of water. Your water becomes more acidic with the addition of your body's exhaled C O 2. A pH stick will show the results. (Acidification video)
With rising atmospheric and ocean CO2 levels since the start of the Industrial Revolution, 270 parts per million (ppm) to today's 410 ppm, ocean acidification increases, altering ocean balances. Life cannot adapt fast enough; hence "killer oceans."

More, plastic pollution also plays a major role in causing killer oceans while over fishing adds to the needless loss of sea life. Then there's inappropriate fishing technologies destroying species-populations and their habitat. Finally, even now, poaching kills off the last survivors.

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